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Cypriot Arabic edit

4 terms

Etymology edit

From Arabic وَقْت (waqt).

Noun edit

okt m

  1. time, moment

References edit

  • Borg, Alexander (2004) A Comparative Glossary of Cypriot Maronite Arabic (Arabic–English) (Handbook of Oriental Studies; I.70), Leiden and Boston: Brill, page 467

Swedish edit

Noun edit

okt ?

  1. Abbreviation of oktober.

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Anagrams edit

Tocharian B edit

cardinal numbers
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Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Tocharian *óktä (whence also Tocharian A okät), from Proto-Indo-European *oḱtṓw. Cognate with English eight, Spanish ocho, etc.

Numeral edit


  1. eight

Derived terms edit

Further reading edit

  • Adams, Douglas Q. (2013) “okt”, in A Dictionary of Tocharian B: Revised and Greatly Enlarged (Leiden Studies in Indo-European; 10), Amsterdam, New York: Rodopi, →ISBN, pages 115-116