From Proto-Italic *pelnis, from Proto-Indo-European *pel-ni-s (to cover, wrap; skin, hide; cloth). Cognate with Ancient Greek πέλμᾰ (pélma, sole of the foot), Old English fell (fell, skin, hide; garment of skin).



pellis f (genitive pellis); third declension

  1. (zootomy) pelt, felt, hide, animal skin; (poetic) human skin
  2. (transferred sense)
    1. leather
    2. (clothing) garment, article of clothing made of skin
    3. (military) tent for soldiers (because it was covered with skins)
    4. parchment
    5. (music) drum
    6. (mycology) outside of a sporocarp


Third-declension noun (i-stem).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative pellis pellēs
Genitive pellis pellium
Dative pellī pellibus
Accusative pellem pellēs
Ablative pelle pellibus
Vocative pellis pellēs

Derived termsEdit



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