pluri- +‎ sexual, by analogy with monosexual.


plurisexual (not comparable)

  1. Sexually attracted to members of multiple sexes.
    Greta had only ever been attracted to other women, while her wife Jaye had previously courted nonbinary people and men, and identified as plurisexual.
    • 1969, Joan Matthews, “Bisexuality in the Male”, in The Journal of Sex Research, volume 5, number 2, DOI:10.1080/00224496909550608, page 126:
      He believes that man is born with a plurisexual disposition and that there is nothing unusual about his seeking satisfaction with either sex...
    • 2017, Christopher K. Belous; Melissa L. Bauman, “What's in a Name? Exploring Pansexuality Online”, in Journal of Bisexuality, volume 17, number 1, DOI:10.1080/15299716.2016.1224212, page 60:
      Few studies have focused on nonbinary individuals aside from bisexuality or fail to differentiate between bisexuality and other plurisexual identities.


plurisexual (plural plurisexuals)

  1. A plurisexual person.



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