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From Dutch ranten, randen (to talk nonsense, rave), of uncertain origin; but apparently related to Middle High German ranzen (to dance, jump around, frolic), German ranzen (to be ardent, be in heat, copulate, mate, ramble, join up).


  • (UK, US) IPA(key): /ɹænt/
  • Rhymes: -ænt
  • (file)


rant (third-person singular simple present rants, present participle ranting, simple past and past participle ranted)

  1. To speak or shout at length in uncontrollable anger.
  2. To criticize by ranting.
  3. (dated) To speak extravagantly, as in merriment.
  4. To dance rant steps.


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rant (plural rants)

  1. A criticism done by ranting.
  2. A wild, emotional, and sometimes incoherent articulation.
  3. A type of dance step usually performed in clogs, and particularly (but not exclusively) associated with the English North West Morris tradition. The rant step consists of alternately bringing one foot across and in front of the other and striking the ground, with the other foot making a little hop.

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  1. simple past of renne
  2. past participle of rane