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Etymology 1Edit

An aphetism of Old French escrepe (purse, alms-bag), a variant of escharpe, from Old Norse skreppa. Cognate with Danish skreppe (scrip).


scrip (plural scrips)

  1. A small medieval bag used to carry food, money, utensils etc.
    • 1919, Ronald Firbank, Valmouth, Duckworth, hardback edition, page 9
      Depositing his scrip in the outhouse the cowherd glanced around.
    • 1964 Anthony Burgess, Nothing Like the Sun
      A night promising fair, scented, the moon in her third quarter, nightingales in the wood, WS, in worn cloak against the morning’s chill, empty scrip and purse, taking the road. —
  2. Small change.
    • 1899, Edward Everett Hale, The Brick Moon and Other Stories, (Short Story Index Reprint Series), Project Gutenberg, [1999], Etext #1633
      In reading it in 1899, I am afraid that the readers of a hard, money generation may not know that "scrip" was in the sixties the name for small change.

Etymology 2Edit

Probably from a conflation of script and scrap.


scrip (plural scrips)

  1. A scrap of paper.
  2. A document certifying possession of land, or in lieu of money.
  3. A voucher or token coin used in payrolls under the truck system; chit.
  4. Any substitute for legal tender that is produced by a natural person or private legal person and is often a form of credit.

Etymology 3Edit

Abbreviation of subscription receipt.


scrip (plural scrips)

  1. A share certificate.

Etymology 4Edit

Abbreviation of prescription.


scrip (plural scrips)

  1. (informal, Britain, US) A medical prescription.