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A specimen stamp
Postcard: "Be careful, Clara, that's a fine specimen!" (eligible man)

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From Latin specimen (mark, sign, example), from speciō (observe, watch).

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  • IPA(key): /ˈspɛsɪmɪn/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: spe‧ci‧men

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specimen (plural specimens or (extremely rare) specimina)

  1. An individual instance that represents a class; an example.
    early specimens of the art of Picasso
    • 2006, Bill Neal, Getting Away with Murder on the Texas Frontier:
      To assure a defendant's acquittal, a lawyer usually needed only to convince the jury that the victim was a pretty sorry specimen of a human being.
    1. (numismatics) A banknote printed for distribution to central banks to aid in the recognition of banknotes from a country other than their own
    2. (philately) A postage stamp sent to postmasters and postal administrations so that they are able to identify valid stamps and to avoid forgeries
  2. A sample, especially one used for diagnostic analysis.
  3. (humorous, often preceded with “fine”) An eligible man.

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specimen (plural specimens)

  1. specimen, sample

Latin Edit

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From speciō (observe, watch) +‎ -men (noun-forming suffix).

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specimen n (genitive speciminis); third declension

  1. mark, token, sign, indication
  2. example, pattern, model
  3. ornament, honor

Declension Edit

Third-declension noun (neuter, imparisyllabic non-i-stem).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative specimen specimina
Genitive speciminis speciminum
Dative speciminī speciminibus
Accusative specimen specimina
Ablative specimine speciminibus
Vocative specimen specimina

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Romanian Edit

Etymology Edit

Borrowed from French spécimen.

Noun Edit

specimen n (plural specimene)

  1. specimen

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