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Elektriskā spuldze
Dienasgaismas spuldze


Coined in the 1930s, from the same stem as spulgs (bright) (q.v.; made into a feminine 5th-declension stem with the ending -e): Proto-Baltic *spelg-, *spilg-, *spulg-, from Proto-Indo-European *pel-, *spel-, *spʰel- (to shine) with an extra g.[1]


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spuldze f (5th declension)

  1. light bulb, lamp (artificial light source based on the heating of a filament, or also of gas, vapors, inside a glass container)
    elektriskā spuldzeelectric bulb
    neona spuldzeneon lamp, light
    sešdesmit vatu spuldzesixty-watt light bulb
    dienasgaismas spuldzefluorescent lamp
    dzīvsudraba spuldzemercury lamp, light
    spuldze deg spožithe light bulb is burning bright
    spuldzes spilgtumsthe brightness of the light bulb
    Meitene pastiepa roku un iededza spuldzithe girl stretched her arm and turned on the light
    Helga apsēdās un iededza galda lampu... spuldze bija vāja, abažūrs slāpēja gaismuHelga sat down and turned on the table lamp on... the bulb was weak, the lampshade stifled the light


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