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stalky +‎ -ly



stalkily (not comparable)

  1. In a stalky manner.
    • 1898 December 1, Rudyard Kipling, “Stalky & Co.: Stalky”, in Windsor Magazine:
      There's no sense in not doin' a thing stalkily while you're about it.
    • 1945, Dan Wickenden, The Wayfarers, page 46:
      The conductor emerged from the wings, tall and lean in his tailcoat, and moved stalkily across the platform; applause began in the front rows and worked its way back gradually to the far reaches of the hall, where people were talking in a sudden frenzy, as if they had a great deal to get said before silence was enjoined upon them.
    • 1992, Mairi Hedderwick, Highland Journey: A Sketching Tour of Scotland Retracing the Steps of Victorian Artist J. T. Reid:
      But the journey went on. Slower as the river became more intimate; reeds at the edge almost within touching distance. Waterfowl. A heron stalkily still. Dank lank growth and then the smells of intensive farming.