Etymology 1Edit

From Latin.



  1. (in coining neologisms) A vowel inserted interconsonantally between morphemes of Latinate origin in order to ease pronunciation (an anaptyxis, a linking vowel).
Derived termsEdit
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  • -k-
  • -o- (the Greek parallel)


  • The Concise Oxford English Dictionary [Eleventh Edition] lists -i- as an entry.

Etymology 2Edit

The initial vowel of primate



  1. (pharmacology) a monoclonal antibody derived from a non-human primate source
Related termsEdit
  • -mab is the base suffix common to all monoclonal antibodies. (See that entry for full paradigm.)
  • USP Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names, U.S. Pharmacopeia, 2000

Etymology 3Edit

From -y.



  1. Alternative form of -y ‎(having the quality of)
Usage notesEdit

Spelling change, used when followed by another suffix such as -ness, as in messmessymessiness, or -ly as in messily.

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