From stiprs ‎(strong) +‎ -ums.


stiprums m (1st declension)

  1. strength (the quality of that which is (physically) strong)
    roku stiprums — arm strength
    ķérmeņa stiprums — body strength
  2. (of actions) strength, intensity
    sitiena stiprums — hit, blow strength
    vēja stiprums — wind strength, intensity
    balss stiprums — voice strength, intensity, loudness
  3. (physics) intensity (physical quantity that describes the level of effect of something)
    gaismas stiprums — light intensity
    elektriskās strāvas stiprums — electric power intensity
  4. (of materials) strength, resistance
    žoga stiprums — fence strength
    auduma stiprums — fabric strength
  5. (of activities) strength (level of capacity, effectiveness)
    ekonomikas stiprums — economic strength
  6. (of smells, solutions, etc.) strength, intensity, concentration
    smaržas stiprums — smell strength, intensity
    šķīduma stiprumsstrength, concentration of a (chemical) solution
  7. (of psychological and emotional states) strength (intensity, great capacity)
    draudzības stiprums — friendship strength
    personības stiprums — personality strength
    gribas stiprumsstrength of will
    ticības stiprumsstrength of faith
  8. (of authority, words) strength, power
    valsts stiprums — state power, strength
    argumentu stiprums — argument strength


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