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Via other European languages, ultimately borrowed from Spanish tabaco, itself borrowed from a Taino (Arawakan) word meaning either “roll of tobacco leaves” or “pipe for smoking tobacco,” but apparently also merged with a pre-existing borrowing from Arabic طَبَاق (ṭabāq, a type of medicinal herb), found in the early 15th century as the name of various herbs.


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tabaka f (4th declension)

  1. tobacco (several plants of the genus Nicotiana, especially Nicotiana tabacum and related species, with leaves used for smoking or chewing)
    tabakas audzēšanatobacco cultivation
    tabakas šķirnetobacco variety
    tabakas lapas satur nikotīnu, kas ir stipra sirds inde un pamazām atstāj graujošu ietekmi uz cilvēka asinsvadu sistēmu un nerviemtobacco leaves contain nicotine, which is a strong heart poison and has gradual destructive influence on a person's circulatory and nervous systems
  2. tobacco (the leaves of such a plant, especially when dried and/or pulverized for smoking or chewing)
    tabakas fabrikatobacco factory
    tabakas izstrādājumitobacco products
    smēķēt tabakuto smoke tobacco
    tabakas maks, tabakmakstobacco pouch
    košļāt, zelēt tabakuto chew tobacco
    bāzt tabaku pīpēto stick tobacco into a pipe
    piebāzt pīpi ar tabakuto stuff a pipe with tobacco
    šņaucamā tabakasnuff (lit. sniffable tobacco)
    istaba tabakas dūmu tik pilna, ka mušas meklēja glābiņu pie sijāmthe room was so full of tobacco smoke that the flies looked for shelter at the beams


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tabaka f

  1. snuff (a form of tobacco for sniffing)





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