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Etymology 1Edit

From tu +‎ -pela.



  1. two
    • 1989, Buk Baibel long Tok Pisin, Port Moresby: Bible Society of Papua New Guinea, Jenesis 1:6:
      Bihain God i tok olsem, “Wanpela banis i mas kamap bilong banisim wara, bai wara i stap long tupela hap.” Orait dispela banis i kamap. God i mekim dispela banis i kamap bilong banisim wara antap na wara daunbilo.
      →New International Version translation
Usage notesEdit

Used when modifying a noun.

Etymology 2Edit

From English two +‎ -pela (from English fellow).


tupela du

  1. they two (dual third-person pronoun)
    • 1995, John Verhaar, Toward a reference grammar of Tok Pisin: an experiment in corpus linguistics[1], →ISBN, page 433:
      Mekim olsem pinis, orait tupela i planim taro na banana, na kumu, painap, kon, tomato, na kaukau tu.
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