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Borrowed from Ancient Greek τύρρις (túrrhis) (Hesychius), τύρσις (túrsis), likely ultimately a Mediterranean substrate loan. Compare Τυρρηνός (Turrhēnós, Etruscan). Also compare the tribe Taurini.[1]

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turris f (genitive turris); third declension

  1. tower
  2. (Late Latin, chess) a rook

Declension Edit

Third-declension noun (i-stem, accusative singular in -im or occasionally -em, ablative singular in or -e).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative turris turrēs
Genitive turris turrium
Dative turrī turribus
Accusative turrim
Ablative turrī
Vocative turris turrēs

Derived terms Edit

Descendants Edit

  • Eastern Romance
    • Aromanian: turon
    • Romanian: turn
  • Gallo-Italic
  • Italo-Dalmatian
  • Old French: tor (see there for further descendants)
  • Old Occitan: torre
  • Rhaeto-Romance
  • Venetian: tor, tore
  • West Iberian
  • Proto-Celtic:
  • Albanian: turrë

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References Edit

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