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From vajadz(ēt) (to be necessary) +‎ -ība. Meaning “lack, scarcity” in the 17th, following the etymological meaning of vajadzēt (q.v.), the word soon evolved into its current meaning.[1]


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vajadzība f (4th declension)

  1. need, necessary (the quality of that which is necessary; a situation in which something is necessary)
    vajadzība pēc grāmatāmthe need for books
    pateikt savu vajadzībuto tell your need
    nav nekādas vajadzības par to runātthere is no need to talk about that
    vajadzības izteiksmedebitive (lit. necessity) mood (Latvian verb form that expresses necessity)
  2. (in the plural) needs (set of natural, social, spiritual factors that are necessary for life, or for a certain activity)
    elementāras vajadzībasbasic needs
    dabiskās vajadzībasnatural needs
    apmierināt sabiedrības vajadzībasto meet the needs of society


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