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From ver- +‎ branden.




  1. (transitive) To burn, consume/kill in fire
  2. (intransitive) To be consumed by fire
  3. (transitive) To burn, affect gravely with corrosive etc. chemicals
  4. (intransitive) To burn, be affected gravely with corrosive etc. chemicals
  5. (transitive, figuratively) To discredit completely, ruin psychologically for future use, e.g. by scandal or media leak
    Nadat uitlekte wie het plan van de premier verbrandde door het te lekken, was die minister zelf verbrand en moest ontslag nemen
    After it was leaked who compromised the P.M.'s plan by leaking it, that minister was compromised himself and had to resign


Inflection of verbranden (weak, prefixed)
infinitive verbranden
past singular verbrandde
past participle verbrand
infinitive verbranden
gerund verbranden n
verbal noun
present tense past tense
1st person singular verbrand verbrandde
2nd person sing. (jij) verbrandt verbrandde
2nd person sing. (u) verbrandt verbrandde
2nd person sing. (gij) verbrandt verbrandde
3rd person singular verbrandt verbrandde
plural verbranden verbrandden
subjunctive sing.1 verbrande verbrandde
subjunctive plur.1 verbranden verbrandden
imperative sing. verbrand
imperative plur.1 verbrandt
participles verbrandend verbrand
1) Archaic.


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