• IPA(key): /ˈweɪvi/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -eɪvi

Etymology 1Edit

wave +‎ -y


wavy (comparative wavier, superlative waviest)

  1. rising or swelling in waves.
    wavy seas
  2. Full of waves.
    wavy swimming pool
  3. Moving to and fro; undulating.
    wavy bridge
  4. Having wave-like shapes on its border or surface; waved.
    wavy hair
  5. (botany, of a margin) Moving up and down relative to the surface; undulate.
  6. (heraldry) Undé, in a wavy line; applied to ordinaries, or division lines.
  7. (slang) drunk
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Etymology 2Edit

See wavey.


wavy (plural wavies)

  1. (possibly dated) Alternative form of wavey (goose).
    • 1862, in The Zoologist: a popular miscellany of natural history, volume 20, page 7835:
      According to Indian report, a great breeding-ground for the blue wavy is the country lying in the interior of the north-east point of Labrador, Cape Dudley Digges.
    • 1888, in the Journals of the Senate of Canada, volume 22, Appendix 1, page 237:
      The blue and white wavies breed in the barren grounds and feed chiefly on berries.