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A whetstone being used to sharpen a knife.

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From Middle English whestone, whetston, whetesston, from Old English hwetstān, from Proto-West Germanic *hwattjastain (whetstone). Equivalent to whet (to sharpen) +‎ stone.

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whetstone (plural whetstones)

  1. A sharpening stone; a hard stone or piece of synthetically bonded hard minerals that has been formed with at least one flat surface, used to sharpen or hone an edged tool.
  2. (figurative) A stimulant.
  3. (computing) Alternative letter-case form of Whetstone (benchmark)

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whetstone (third-person singular simple present whetstones, present participle whetstoning, simple past and past participle whetstoned)

  1. (transitive) To sharpen with a whetstone.

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