See also: with, wiþ, wið, wiþ-, and wįð

English edit

Etymology edit

From Middle English with-, from Old English wiþ- (against, away, prefix), from Proto-West Germanic *wiþi-, from Proto-Germanic *wiþi- (counter-, anti-, gain-, with-), related to Old English wiþ (with, by, near, against, beside, at, through, for, in return, opposite, towards, to, preposition). Cognate with Old Frisian with-, Old Saxon with-, Danish ved-, Swedish vid-, Faroese við-, Icelandic við-. Related also to English wither-, and Dutch weder- (back), German wider- (against), German wieder- (again). More at with.

Prefix edit


  1. Prefix meaning "against", "in opposition to".
    withfight, withstand, withset, withsay, withspeak
  2. Prefix meaning "back", "back around", "in reverse", "in return".
    withbuy, withcall, withdraw, withdrive, withgive, withhold, withturn
  3. Prefix meaning "off", "out", "away", "from".
    withbear, withgive, withgo, withhang, withsave, withseek
  4. Prefix meaning "with", "along with", "together (with)".
    withgang, withjoin, withtake

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