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Etymology 1 edit

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Noun edit

đồ (, , , , , 𣘊)

  1. (collective) unspecified stuff or things
  2. (Southern Vietnam) the thing that is used for...; the whatsit that is used for...; -er
    Synonym: cái
    cái/đồ đánh trứnga whisk (literally, “the whatsit that's used for whisking eggs”)
  3. (by extension) belongings
  4. (by extension) clothes
    đồ tâysuits or skirt suits
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Etymology 2 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from .

Particle edit


  1. used with nouns or adjectives to form insults
    Đồ chó má!
    You bitch! / You cur!
    Đồ vũ phu!
    You brutish husband / father!
    Đồ độc ác!
    You cruel evil one!
    Đồ ngu!
    You idiot!

Etymology 3 edit

From Proto-Vietic *doː. Cognate with Muong tồ.

Verb edit

đồ (, )

  1. to steam (glutinous rice)
    đồ xôito steam glutinous rice

Etymology 4 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from (diagram; chart; map; picture).

Verb edit


  1. to trace (a drawing or painting)
  2. to duplicate (a drawing or painting)
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