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Greek edit

Alternative forms edit

For sense "dilute, dissolve, melt"

Etymology edit

From Ancient Greek ἀναλύω (unloose; resolve into its elements). For modern senses, semantic loan from French analyser and English analyse.[1] Morphologically, from ανα- +‎ λύω.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /anaˈli.o/
  • Hyphenation: α‧να‧λύ‧ω

Verb edit

αναλύω (analýo) (past ανέλυσα/ανάλυσα, passive αναλύομαι)

  1. to analyse (UK), analyze (US), assay
  2. (linguistics) to parse
  3. (by extension) to dilute
  4. (by extension) to psychoanalyse (especially in the passive)
    Synonym: ψυχαναλύω (psychanalýo)

Conjugation edit

Related terms edit

  • and see: λύω (lýo, untie; solve)

References edit

  1. ^ αναλύωΛεξικό της κοινής νεοελληνικής [Dictionary of Standard Modern Greek], 1998, by the "Triantafyllidis" Foundation.