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Etymology 1 edit

From Proto-Indo-European *dew-. Cognates include Sanskrit उपादुत्य (upādútya).

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δύω (dúō)

  1. to cause to sink, to plunge
  2. to get into, to enter
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Etymology 2 edit

From Proto-Hellenic *dúwō; see the main entry.

Numeral edit

δύω (dúō)

  1. (chiefly Epic) Alternative form of δύο (dúo)

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Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Ancient Greek δύω.

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Verb edit

δύω (dýo) (past έδυσα, passive —)

  1. to set, go down (sun, stars, etc)
    Synonym: βασιλεύω (vasilévo)
    Antonym: ανατέλλω (anatéllo)
  2. (figuratively) to decline
    Synonyms: φθίνω (fthíno), παρακμάζω (parakmázo)

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And see their derivatives

Also seeγδύνω (gdýno)