See also: Ζῆλος and ζήλος

Ancient Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Indo-European *yeh₂- (to go, travel, search, inquire). Related to Ζητήρ (Zētḗr).[1]

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Noun edit

ζῆλος (zêlosm (genitive ζήλου); second declension

  1. eager rivalry, zealous imitation, emulation, a noble passion
    1. (with genitive) zeal for one
    2. (with genitive)
  2. (passive voice) the object of emulation or desire, happiness, bliss, honour, glory
  3. (of the style of Asiatic Orators) extravagance, fierceness

Inflection edit

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Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Greek: ζήλος (zílos)
  • Latin: zelus
  • Glosa: zelo

References edit

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