Ancient Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Indo-European *kʷel- (to turn): *kʷól-os > *pól-os.

Noun edit

πόλος (pólosm (genitive πόλου); second declension

  1. pivot, hinge, axis, pole
  2. axis of the celestial sphere
  3. (astronomy) pole star
  4. celestial sphere, vault of heaven
  5. orbit of a star
  6. center of the circular threshing floor
  7. pole passing through the axletree of a carriage
  8. concave sundial, on which the shadow was cast by the gnomon
  9. headdress worn by goddesses
  10. (architecture) dowel
  11. windlass, capstan

Declension edit

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Greek: πόλος (pólos)
  • Latin: polus (see there for further descendants)

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Greek edit

Noun edit

πόλος (pólosm (plural πόλοι)

  1. pole (extreme of an axis)
    Βόρειος Πόλος (North Pole)
  2. post (pole in a battery)

Declension edit