Mongolian edit


Etymology edit

From Proto-Mongolic *bol- (to become).

Akin to Proto-Turkic *bōl- (to become), compare Turkmen bōlmak (to become), Turkish olmak (to become, happen). (Can this(+) etymology be sourced?)

Pronunciation edit

Verb edit

болох (bolox) (causative болгох)

  1. to become
  2. to occur, to happen
  3. to be done, to be ready, to ripen
  4. to fit, to be acceptable, will do, to be allowed, to be enough, to be okay
  5. (with noun in instrumental) to comply with, to follow
  6. to be (of time)
  7. (in adjectival clauses) to be
  8. (after байх (bajx)) indicates future tense after periphrastic aspectual constructions
    тэр уншиж байх болно
    ter unšiž bajx bolno
    She will be reading
    би архи уухгүй байсаар байх болно
    bi arxi uuxgüj bajsaar bajx bolno
    I will not have been drinking liquor
  9. (after verb in ()) to be allowed to, to be possible to
  10. (after verb in (-x)) for time to come to, to be decided to, to be expected that, will
  11. (after -даг (-dag)) to start (to do habitually)
  12. (after verb in -хаар (-xaar)) to begin to
  13. (after verb in -сан (-san)) to do partially or unwillingly, to pretend
  14. (after verb in -гч (-gč)) to pretend

Derived terms edit