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Inherited from Proto-Slavic *lizati.

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ли́жа (lížaimpf (perfective ли́зна)

  1. (transitive) to lick (to stroke with the tongue)
  2. (transitive) (of flames) to lick (to touch lightly)
  3. (reflexive with си) to lick up
    лижа си раните (idiom)liža si raniteto lick one's wounds

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лижа́ (ližá)

  1. present adverbial imperfective participle of лиза́ть (lizátʹ)

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 лижі on Ukrainian Wikipedia

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Inherited from Proto-Slavic *lyža, if existing in Proto-Slavic at all. Cognate with Russian лы́жа (lýža).

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ли́жа (lýžaf inan (genitive ли́жі, nominative plural ли́жі, genitive plural лиж, relational adjective ли́жний)

  1. ski (one of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow)
    ходи́ти на ли́жахxodýty na lýžaxto ski (literally, “to go on skis”)
    ходьба́ на ли́жахxodʹbá na lýžaxskiing (literally, “walking/going on skis”)

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