Mongolian edit


Etymology edit

From Proto-Mongolic *oru-, compare Buryat орохо (oroxo), Kalmyk орх (orx).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [ɔ.rŏχ]
  • Hyphenation: о‧рох

Verb edit

орох (orox)

  1. to enter, to go in
    орооройoroorojplease come in
  2. to join (an institution)
  3. to be involved in
  4. to (re)enter (a state)
  5. to recover, obtain (a quality)
  6. (with руу) to go down (a tree, a river,...)
  7. to be used up, to be required (of a resource in a process)
  8. (weather) to fall
    бороо орж байнаboroo orž bajnait's raining
  9. (animals) to be in heat
  10. to be addicted, to have a penchant for
  11. to be contained, to fit (in a container)
  12. to yield, to be subject to

Conjugation edit

This verb needs an inflection-table template.