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Etymology 1Edit

Borrowed from Ancient Greek Δέρβη (Dérbē, Derbe), a border town in Lycaonia at the Cilician Gates.


دَرْب (darbm (plural دُرُوب(durūb))

  1. path, pass, way
Derived termsEdit
  • Classical Syriac: ܕܰܪܒܳܐ(darbā, way, path)

Etymology 2Edit

From the root د ر ب(d-r-b). Possibly these verbs are all denominally formed from دَرْب (darb), since Derbe was a town to be passed for those who were drilled for war against the Greeks. The same even applies to Spain, the Pyrenees being called الدُرُوب (ad-durūb), to be passed for war against the Franks.


دَرِبَ (dariba) I, non-past يَدْرَبُ‎‎ (yadrabu)

  1. to accustom oneself, become familiar with
  2. (construed with بِ(bi)) to practice in
  3. to be badly off


دَرَب (darabm

  1. verbal noun of دَرِبَ (dariba, to accustom oneself, become familiar, practice in) (form I)

Etymology 3Edit

Causative of دَرِبَ(dariba, to accustom oneself, become familiar, practice in).


  • (file)


دَرَّبَ (darraba) II, non-past يُدَرِّبُ‎‎ (yudarribu)

  1. to accustom, to familiarize
  2. to exercise, to drill
  3. to show oneself enduring
  4. to guide, to direct


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From Middle Persian dlpʾs (darbās).


درب (darb)

  1. gate