See also: سيل and سئل

Ottoman Turkish edit

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Etymology edit

Borrowed from Arabic سَيْل (sayl, flood, stream, torrent).

Noun edit

سیل (seyl)

  1. flood, inundation, deluge, a disastrous overflow of water from a lake or other body of water
    Synonym: طوفان (tufan)
  2. torrent, a violent flow or stream that suddenly raises and runs rapidly, as down a precipice
    Synonym: سیلاب (seylab)

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Turkish: sel, seyl

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Persian edit

Etymology 1 edit

From Arabic سَيْل (sayl).

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading? sayl
Dari reading? sēl, sayl
Iranian reading? seyl
Tajik reading? sel, sayl

Noun edit

Dari سیل
Iranian Persian
Tajik сел, сайл

سیل (seyl)

  1. flood
Derived terms edit

Etymology 2 edit

Unknown, perhaps a corruption of Arabic سَائِر (sāʔir, to wander, to walk (around)), or a corruption of the now archaic سهستن (sahistan, to seem) from early Classical Persian.

Pronunciation edit

Verb edit

سیل (sayl) (Dari)

  1. look
  2. gaze
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Ushojo edit

Noun edit

سیل (sel)

  1. bird cell
  2. recreation, excursion