Tamil edit

Etymology edit

Cognate with Kannada ಬಿಡು (biḍu), Malayalam വിടുക (viṭuka), Telugu విడు (viḍu).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ʋɪɖʊ/, [ʋɪɖɯ]

Verb edit

விடு (viṭu)

  1. (transitive) to leave, quit, part with
  2. to remove
  3. to get rid of
  4. to split, separate, disentangle
  5. to abandon, forsake
  6. to let go
  7. to dispatch, send away
  8. to liberate, set free, release
  9. to leave off, discontinue
  10. to omit, leave out
  11. to end, finish, conclude
  12. to emit, issue, discharge, give out, let out
  13. to send forth, discharge
  14. to throw
  15. to pour
  16. to give, bestow
  17. to say, tell
  18. to describe in detail
  19. to publish, expose
  20. to permit, let, allow
  21. to indicate, point out
  22. to express, give out
  23. to form
  24. to solve
  25. (intransitive) to be separated, divided
  26. to be opened
  27. to loosen, release
  28. to blossom
  29. to appear, be formed
  30. to increase
  31. to stay
  32. to cease, stop
  33. to be split, broken or cracked
  34. to be let off, discontinued
  35. to leave interspace (as in writing)
  36. to pause (in reading)
  37. to lose strength
  38. to become loose, disjointed
  39. to be cut
  40. (auxiliary) an auxiliary verb having the force of certainty, intensity

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