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to go out; to come out; to occur
to go out; to come out; to occur; to produce; to go beyond; to rise; to put forth; to happen; (a measure word for dramas, plays, or operas)
banquet; woven mat; seat
banquet; woven mat; seat; place
simp. and trad.

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Verb edit


  1. to attend; to be present
  2. (archaic) to leave one's seat; to stand up

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  • (antonym(s) of "to attend"): 缺席 (quēxí)

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Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
しゅつ > しゅっ
Grade: 1
Grade: 4

Noun edit

(しゅっ)(せき) (shusseki

  1. attendance, presence

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Verb edit

(しゅっ)(せき)する (shusseki surusuru (stem (しゅっ)(せき) (shusseki shi), past (しゅっ)(せき)した (shusseki shita))

  1. attend, be present

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Korean edit

Hanja in this term

Noun edit

出席 (chulseok) (hangeul 출석)

  1. Hanja form? of 출석 (presence, attendance).