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Kanji in this term
Grade: 2


  • IPA(key): [kʲiɾe̞ɾɯ̟ᵝ]
  • Tokyo pitch accent of conjugated forms of "切れる"
Source: Online Japanese Accent Dictionary
Stem forms
Terminal (終止形)
Attributive (連体形)
切れる [kìréꜜrù]
Imperative (命令形) 切れろ [kìréꜜrò]
Key constructions
Passive 切れられる れられ [kìréráréꜜrù]
Causative 切れさせる れさせ [kìrésáséꜜrù]
Potential - - -
Volitional 切れよう れよ [kìréyóꜜò]
Negative 切れない ない [kìréꜜnàì]
Negative perfective 切れなかった なかった [kìréꜜnàkàttà]
Formal 切れます れま [kìrémáꜜsù]
Perfective 切れた れた [kíꜜrètà]
Conjunctive 切れて れて [kíꜜrètè]
Hypothetical conditional 切れれば れば [kìréꜜrèbà]


切れる (intransitive, ichidan conjugation, hiragana きれる, rōmaji kireru)

Japanese verb pair
active 切る
mediopassive 切れる
  1. be cut off, break, snap, burst, collapse
  2. be cut, be injured, become fissured
     () ()れた
    te ga kireta
    I cut my hand
  3. break off, be interrupted
  4. cut or sever connection with
  5. run out, expire, terminate
    期限 (きげん) ()れた
    kigen ga kireta
    The term has expired


Derived termsEdit

Related termsEdit

  • 切る (kiru): cut, sever, turn off


切れる (hiragana きれる, rōmaji -kireru)

  1. be able to do, be able to finish
     () ()れますか?
    Can you drink it all up?

Derived termsEdit

Related termsEdit

  • 切る (kiru): (suffix) finish, be through