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south ocean; foreign
simp. and trad.
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  • lam5 iên5 - Chaozhou;
  • nam5 ion5 - Jieyang.

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  1. (dated) Malay Archipelago; (in general) Southeast Asia, Nanyang
    南洋  ―  xià Nányáng  ―  to migrate to Southeast Asia (during late Qing and the Republic of China era)
  2. (historical, Qing to early ROC) southerncoastal” region of China, inclusive of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangzhou
  3. (historical) irrigation plain south of the Mulan River in Fujian

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  • (Southeast Asia): (Hokkien) 番爿

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  • English: Nanyang

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(なん)(よう) (Nan'yōなんやう (nan'yau)?

  1. (especially pre-WWII) South Seas; Southeast Asia

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