U+C798, 잘
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Hangul Syllables

이 ←→ 재

Korean edit

Pronunciation edit

  • (SK Standard/Seoul) IPA(key): [t͡ɕa̠ɭ]
    • (file)
  • Phonetic hangul: []
Revised Romanization?jal
Revised Romanization (translit.)?jal
Yale Romanization?cal

Etymology 1 edit

Of native Korean origin.

Adverb edit


  1. well
    그림아주 그린다.
    geurimeul aju jal geurinda.
    He draws pictures very well.
    생각해 !
    jal saenggakhae bwa!
    Think carefully!
    그것 되었네!
    geugeot cham jal doeeonne!
    That's wonderful.
  2. often
  3. at a good time, with fortunate timing
    물어 볼 있었는데 마침 오셨어요.
    mureo bol mar-i isseonneunde machim jal osyeosseoyo.
    You have come at a good time, I have something to ask you.
Derived terms edit

Etymology 2 edit

Verb edit


  1. future determiner of 자다 (jada, to sleep)
  2. future determiner of 잘다 (jalda, to be small)

Etymology 3 edit

Abbreviation of 자루 (jaru)

Noun edit


  1. (dialect) bag, sack