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  1. (aviation, travel) Initialism of Change Segment Status. (a GDS code used on older types of airline keyboards)
  2. (historical, nautical, military) Initialism of Confederate States Ship. (The designation for a commissioned warship operated by the Confederate States Navy)
  3. (media, DVD) Initialism of Content Scramble System.
  4. (medicine) Initialism of Churg-Strauss syndrome.
  5. (military, rocketry) NATO prefix-code for Chinese surface-to-surface missile systems developed by the People's Republic of China
  6. (nautical) Initialism of Canadian Survey Ship. (The designation for a survey ship operated by the Canadian Hydrographic Service)
  7. (Web design) Initialism of Cascading Style Sheets.
  8. (sports) Initialism of Critical Swim Speed.[1]


See alsoEdit

  • (Canada): HMCS, CCGS
  • (Confederate States of America): USS
  • (NATO): SS


  1. ^ The Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine: An IOC Medical Commission Publication, Endurance in Sport, John Wiley & Sons, 2008-04-30, →ISBN: “During recent years a variety of non-invasive tests have been suggested. One of the most interesting is the method of critical swim speed (CSS), described by Wakayoshi et al. (1992)”