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This category lists pages that have errors in a Lua module. If entries are listed here for more than a day or two, the error should probably be reported at the Grease Pit. Memory errors are a common source of these errors; see the discussion at Wiktionary:Lua memory errors. Entries on CJK characters can be brought under the memory limit by moving some content to a subpage, see , 口/derived terms for an example.

Because the software does not immediately update pages when a change occurs in a template or module, errors listed here may have already been fixed. Therefore, please ensure that the error is still present before reporting problems. You can do this by performing a "null edit" (editing the page and saving without making changes). If the error goes away then, it has already been fixed.

The contents of this category is controlled by MediaWiki:Scribunto-common-error-category. It is currently set to place talk pages, user pages, and user sandbox modules and templates in a separate category.

(Compare Category:ParserFunction errors.)


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