Category:Pages with module errors

Pages that have errors in a Lua module.

If entries are listed here for more than a day or two, the error should probably be reported at the Grease Pit. Memory errors are a common source of these errors; see the discussion at Wiktionary:Lua memory errors.

Because the software does not immediately update pages when a change occurs in a template or module, errors listed here may have already been fixed. Therefore, please ensure that the error is still present before reporting problems. You can do this by performing a "null edit" (editing the page and saving without making changes). If the error goes away then, it has already been fixed.

You can use this link and press "Make request" to purge the cache of up to 20 pages from this category in one click. This number can be adjusted up to 5,000, but anything above 30-100 will likely cause time-outs (depending on the size of the pages).

The contents of this category is controlled by Template:maintenance category. It is currently set to place talk pages, user pages, and user sandbox modules and templates in a separate category.

See also Category:Pages with ParserFunction errors.


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