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Dasein (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of dasein
    • 2005, James Phillips, Heidegger's Volk: Between National Socialism and Poetry, published by Stanford University Press, ISBN 978-0-8047-5071-4.
      Even in its failure, National Socialism refused to allow the question of Being to become the overt and pervasive question of Germany. It ensured that Dasein would either quickly find itself in its everydayness in the task of the reconstruction of an occupied Germany or not find itself, in death.


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Dasein n (genitive Daseins, plural Daseine)

  1. being there, presence, existence
    • 1932, Carl von Ossietzky, Rückkehr, in: Die Weltbühne, volume 28, no. 52, Verlag der Weltbühne, page 925:
      Im Gefängnis gewesen sein, das ist ein großes Erlebnis, das kein politischer Mensch aus seinem Dasein streichen kann.
      Having been in prison, that is a great experience that no political man can eliminate from his existence.


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