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  1. Initialism of Office of Contract Settlement.
  2. (Amiga, hardware) Initialism of Original Chipset (a Commodore Amiga chipset)
  3. (chemistry) Initialism of carbonyl sulfide (a chemical compound with the formula OCS)
  4. (communication, Microsoft, software) Initialism of Microsoft Office Communications Server (a software product)
  5. (geology) Initialism of Outer Continental Shelf.
  6. (Internet) Initialism of Open Collaboration Services (an open and vendor-independent API to access online services)
  7. (Internet) Initialism of Online Charging System (a system allowing providers of communication services to charge customers based on service usage)
  8. (Internet) Initialism of Origin Content Server (another name for a Web server)
  9. (linguistics) Initialism of Old Church Slavonic.
  10. (military) Initialism of Officer Candidate School.
  11. (software) Initialism of Open Computer and Software (an application which inventories IT assets)