This Proto-Indo-European entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.

Proto-Indo-European edit

Etymology edit

From *-éh₁ti (stative suffix) +‎ *-yeti.

Suffix edit


  1. Thematicization of the athematic stative verbal suffix; see *-yeti.

Inflection edit

Imperfective, thematic, active only
3rd singular *(Ø)-éh₁yeti
3rd plural *(Ø)-éh₁yonti
Active voice Present indicative Past indicative Imperative Subjunctive Optative
1st singular *(Ø)-éh₁yoh₂ *(Ø)-éh₁yom *(Ø)-éh₁yōh₂ *(Ø)-éh₁yoyh₁m̥
2nd singular *(Ø)-éh₁yesi *(Ø)-éh₁yes *(Ø)-éh₁ye *(Ø)-éh₁yēsi *(Ø)-éh₁yoys
3rd singular *(Ø)-éh₁yeti *(Ø)-éh₁yet *(Ø)-éh₁yetu *(Ø)-éh₁yēti *(Ø)-éh₁yoyt
1st dual *(Ø)-éh₁yowos *(Ø)-éh₁yowe *(Ø)-éh₁yōwos *(Ø)-éh₁yoywe
2nd dual *(Ø)-éh₁yetes *(Ø)-éh₁yetom *(Ø)-éh₁yetom *(Ø)-éh₁yētes *(Ø)-éh₁yoytom
3rd dual *(Ø)-éh₁yetes *(Ø)-éh₁yetām *(Ø)-éh₁yetām *(Ø)-éh₁yētes *(Ø)-éh₁yoytām
1st plural *(Ø)-éh₁yomos *(Ø)-éh₁yome *(Ø)-éh₁yōmos *(Ø)-éh₁yoyme
2nd plural *(Ø)-éh₁yete *(Ø)-éh₁yete *(Ø)-éh₁yete *(Ø)-éh₁yēte *(Ø)-éh₁yoyte
3rd plural *(Ø)-éh₁yonti *(Ø)-éh₁yont *(Ø)-éh₁yontu *(Ø)-éh₁yōnti *(Ø)-éh₁yoyh₁n̥t
Participle *(Ø)-éh₁yonts

Descendants edit

  • Proto-Balto-Slavic: *-ḗˀtei
    • Proto-Slavic: *-ěti (present tense declension)
  • Proto-Celtic: *-īti
    • Proto-Brythonic: *-id
  • Proto-Germanic: *-janą (see there for further descendants)
  • Proto-Hellenic:
    • Ancient Greek: -έω (-éō) (partially)
  • Proto-Italic: *-ēō

References edit