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  • English
(advertere) advert; (past participle adversum) adverse (adj.)
(avertere) avert; (past participle aversum) averse (adj.); (frequentative aversare) averse (verb)
(convertere) convert; (past participle conversum) converse (noun); (frequentative conversare) converse (verb)
(divertere) divert; (past participle diversum) diverse (adj.)
(evertere) evert (eversio -> eversion)
(invertere) invert; (past participle inversum) inverse (adj., noun); (frequentative inversare) inverse (verb)
(obvertere) obvert; (past participle obversum) obverse (adj.)
(pervertere) pervert; (past participle perversum) perverse (adj., noun)
(revertere) revert; (past participle reversum) reverse (adj., noun); (frequentative reversare) reverse (verb)
(subvertere) subvert ( -> subversion)
(transvertere) transvert; (past participle transversum) transverse

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