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The following adjectives, which derive from numerals (coined with the suffix -s/-os/-as/-es/-ös), refer to items designated with a specific number, such as No. 1, No. 2 etc. (as opposed to 1st, 2nd etc.), cf. their German equivalents. These words can refer to coins and banknotes of the given denomination, public transport lines, highways (e.g. Route 66), gates or rooms of a building, cubicles or other numbered compartments, grades received in school (between 1 and 5), (round tens) a decade in a century or the approximate age of a person (“in his/her twenties” etc.), (between 0 and 59) a train, coach, or flight that departs or arrives at some time, attached to the number of minutes, (round numbers) orders of magnitude, (mostly single-digit numbers) the pronounced name or symbol of numbers, (small numbers, up to 4 or 5) groups of people being together, packages or units with a given number of pieces, numeral systems, etc. (Note: egyes, tizenegyes etc. are pronounced with a long [ggy], while tízes and húszas are pronounced with a short [i] and [u].)