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Admitted RC junkie.

Things to do:

ja-attn -- ttbc-ja -- tw -- raj -- rfq -- tbot -- nov07 -- feb08 -- mar08 -- apr08 -- vb -- links

grade 1 -- -- diff -- missing -- wanted -- Shak. -- dict

Some things I find useful:

WT:ELE -- WT:AJA -- WT:AJA/Translit

{{en-noun}} -- {{en-verb}} -- {{en-adj}} -- {{en-adv}} -- {{en-intj}} -- more

{{ja-noun}} -- {{ja-verb}} -- {{ja-adj}} -- {{ja-pos}}

Explanation of Babel:

I grew up speaking American. I understand British well enough, probably due to Monty Python, though why they call a backhoe a JCB is beyond me. I enjoy languages. I took French in school but don't get to use it that much, so I'm very rusty. I learned Japanese by immersion -- there are very few go magazines or books in English. As a result I am better at translating Japanese into English than the other direction. I know bits and pieces of other languages, but only enough to be dangerous to myself and others. I am also fluent in C, but have no interest in defining typedef here.

Cleanup lists:

1 -- 2

Romaji -- Hiragana -- Katakana -- Kana -- Kanji

nih -- ktab-top

Another link pile:

hiragana small ka

hiragana small ke



ligature "yori"

ligature "koto"