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Etymology 1 edit

An abbreviation for the kanji (ka), the counter for months, places or provisions.

Note that is a graphical abbreviation of the top of the character (𥫗, ), and is pronounced ka (or ga), not as ke. Compare simplified Chinese character .

Counter edit

or (ka

  1. : Counter for months, places or provisions of Classical Chinese origin.
    (さん)()(げつ)sanka getsuthree months (in duration)
    (さん)()(こく)sanka kokuthree countries
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Counter edit

or (ko

  1. : General counter for inanimates.
    (さん)()sankothree objects
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Etymology 2 edit

Particle edit

or (ga

  1. An alternative spelling of an obsolete possessive marker (ga). Found only in place names.
    (ふじ)()(おか)Fujigaokaa place name, literally "Hill of Wisteria"
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