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  • Just some random things for me to ponder on and some odd bits of stuff that might have new words to be harvested from them.

b.g.c. common words/phrases bundle #1 edit

Disclaimer:Having a link here does not necessarily mean that the term in question is not SOP.

acetylation adipocytes amino acid angiotensinogen antibody antigen arginine bile acids Biochem Biochemistry bovine serum albumin Canada catalase CDP-choline Chem chromatography collagenase cortisol cytochrome c oxidase cytosol desaturase edrophonium EDTA enzyme ergosterol Escherichia coli ethanol fatty acid gallamine gel electrophoresis glucose transport glutamine synthetase guinea pig hepatocytes histones hydrolysis imidazole incubation insulin lanosterol lipid lipoprotein liposomes liver metabolites microsomal milligram millilitre mitochondria mitomycin molecular weight NADH nuclease nucleotide nystatin oxytocin peptide peroxidase phosphate phosphatidylcholine phosphocholine phosphofructokinase phospholipid phosphorylcholine plasma membrane polyacrylamide polypeptides polyribosomes protein synthesis proteolysis PSTV radioactivity radioimmunoassay RNase SDS-PAGE sephadex* sepharose serotonin sertoli cells* sodium dodecyl sulfate sphingomyelinase stearic acid steroid sterol substrate sucrose sulfotransferase supernatant titration triton tRNA trypsin tubulin w:University of Toronto** urea vesicles

*was originally capitalised (initial letter) if you decide to check this out please investigate both capitalisations **just curious about WP ;)

Vast ocean of Chinese text edit

This is quite possibly gibberish or at least nothing cohesive but anyway, it was created at the entry for 耶穌基督耶稣基督 (yēsū Jīdū) (in terms of this wiki's age) aeons ago lol.