Wiktionary:Word of the day/2022/May 13

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Word of the day
for May 13
assoil v (transitive)
  1. (archaic)
    1. To absolve or release (someone) from blame or sin; to forgive, to pardon.
    2. To atone or expiate for (something).
    3. (law) Followed by from or of: to acquit (someone) from a criminal charge; to find (someone) not guilty; to clear.
  2. (archaic or obsolete) Followed by from or of: to release or set free (someone) from a liability, an obligation, etc.; to discharge.
  3. (obsolete)
    1. To clear up or resolve (a difficulty, doubt, problem, etc.); to absolve, to solve.
    2. To refute (an argument, an objection, etc.).
    3. (rare) To discharge (a liability, an obligation, etc.).
    4. (rare) To get rid of, put off, or remove (something).
    5. (Christianity) To absolve or release (someone) from excommunication or some other religious offence.


  1. (transitive, archaic or obsolete) To make (something) dirty or soiled; to soil; to stain; to sully.
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