See also: àmail and -amail

Old Irish edit

Pronunciation edit

Conjunction edit

amail (followed by indirect relative)

  1. Alternative form of amal

Preposition edit

amail (with accusative, lenites)

  1. Alternative form of amal

Scottish Gaelic edit

Etymology 1 edit

From ad- +‎ mall.

Noun edit

amail f (genitive singular amaile, plural amailean)

  1. evil, mischief
  2. hindrance

Verb edit

amail (past dh'amail, future amailidh, verbal noun amal or amaladh, past participle amailte)

  1. hinder, prevent, stop
  2. entangle, clog
  3. enfringe
  4. choke
Related terms edit

Etymology 2 edit

From am (time) +‎ -ail.

Adjective edit


  1. seasonable, timely, in time
  2. temporal
Synonyms edit
Antonyms edit

Etymology 3 edit

From ad- +‎ mill.

Adjective edit


  1. broken, lost

Etymology 4 edit

Noun edit

amail m

  1. genitive singular of amal

References edit

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