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Folio from the Rochester Bestiary (13th c.)

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Borrowed from Medieval Latin bēstiārium, from Latin bēstia (beast, animal) (whence English beast).

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  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈbiːstiˌɛri/, /ˈbɛstiˌɛri/
  • (file)

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bestiary (plural bestiaries)

  1. A medieval treatise of various real or imaginary animals.
    • 1982, George Plimpton, A Sports Bestiary, McGraw-Hill Companies, →ISBN:
      This book is not actually a bestiary. It is what most people think a bestiary is—namely an assemblage of vividly imagined beasts who behave somewhat quirkily, bear only the vaguest application to real life, []
  2. (gaming) A list or guidebook of the monsters to be found in a roleplaying game.

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