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booster ‎(plural boosters)

  1. Something that boosts.
  2. The first stage of a multistage rocket that provides the thrust for liftoff and the initial flight
  3. A motor-generator set used for voltage regulation in direct current electrical power circuits.
  4. Someone who is a fan or supporter of something.
    • 2012, The Economist, Lexington: A fiscal hawk, grounded
      Nor is his district quite the Democratic bastion boosters describe: voters there narrowly backed Barack Obama in 2008, but voted for Mr Bush by a hefty margin in 2004.
  5. Someone who promotes a town or business
  6. A member of a booster club.
  7. A booster dose.
    When did you get your last tetanus booster?
  8. (linguistics) A term that serves to amplify or strengthen an utterance, such as "really".
  9. (video games) A power-up item.



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