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Borrowing from French cadre, from Italian quadro (square), from Latin quadrum, from quattuor (four).



cadre (plural cadres)

  1. A frame or framework.
  2. (military) The framework or skeleton upon which a new regiment is to be formed; the officers of a regiment forming the staff.
    • 2002, Barry M. Stentiford, chapter 9, in The American Home Guard: the State Militia in the Twentieth Century, ISBN 1585441813, page 202:
      From the original plan, thirty-four cadre battalions, with a total of 116 companies, had actually been formed, a total of about 700 officers and another 600 key enlisted men.
  3. (chiefly in communism) The core of a managing group, or a member of such a group.
    • 1986, Robert Elsie, Dictionary of Albanian Literature[1], page 101:
      After the war, he was a party cadre and worked as a correspondent for the daily newspaper Zeri i Popullit (The People's Voice).
    • 1997, Jae Ho Chung, China's Provinces in Reform: Class, community and political culture, edited by David S.G. Goodman, Routledge, p. 146:
      Finally, the exchange, circulation and education of local cadres constitute another key strategy implemented by the provincial leadership in its efforts to diffuse economic development into the backward inland region.
    • 2006, Financial Times, China airbrushes Chen:
      Party cadres must guard against the temptations of power, money and sex.
  4. A small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.





From Italian quadro (square), from Latin quadrum, from quattuor (four).



cadre m (plural cadres)

  1. the frame (of a door or picture)
  2. the backbone (of an organization)
  3. a box, square (on a printed page)
  4. an executive
  5. a scope or framework
  6. (military) cadre
  7. context, parameters
  8. frame (of a bicycle)

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  1. first-person singular present indicative of cadrer
  2. third-person singular present indicative of cadrer
  3. first-person singular present subjunctive of cadrer
  4. third-person singular present subjunctive of cadrer
  5. second-person singular imperative of cadrer


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