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From Latin calēre, from Proto-Italic *kalēō, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱelh₁-. Compare French chaloir, Catalan caldre, caler.

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  • IPA(key): /kaˈ
  • Rhymes: -ere
  • Hyphenation: ca‧lé‧re

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calére (impersonal, third-person singular present càle, third-person singular past historic càlse, past participle calùto, third-person singular future carrà or calerà, auxiliary avére)

  1. (impersonal, archaic, chiefly in the negative) to matter, to be important
    Synonym: importare
    a te non cagliait shouldn't matter to you, you shouldn't care

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  1. second-person singular present passive subjunctive of calō

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  1. present active infinitive of caleō