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Learned borrowing from Latin castellum. Doublet of cashel, castell, castle, and château.

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castellum (plural castella or castellums)

  1. (historical) A small Roman detached fort or fortlet used as a watch tower or signal station.

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Learned borrowing from Latin castellum. Doublet of kasteel, chateau, Kessel, Castilië, ketella, and telo.

Pronunciation edit

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Noun edit

castellum n (plural castella or castellums, diminutive castellumpje n)

  1. (historical) castellum

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Latin edit


Etymology edit

From castrum (fort) +‎ -lum (diminutive suffix).

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

castellum n (genitive castellī); second declension

  1. castle, fort, citadel, fortress, stronghold
  2. (figuratively) a shelter, stronghold, defence, refuge
  3. a structure in which the water of an aqueduct is collected, to be distributed by pipes or channels in different directions; a reservoir

Declension edit

Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative castellum castella
Genitive castellī castellōrum
Dative castellō castellīs
Accusative castellum castella
Ablative castellō castellīs
Vocative castellum castella

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